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JUST A PEN & A POST-IT | planning at it’s finest

By September 7, 2017 Useful S@#$

A planning session these days is a simpler, faster and a much more pleasant “pen to post-it” process. No more long winded notes or 30 page business plan templates that kill off the initial enthusiasm.

The nitty gritty details of any kind of planning in the past has ended in frustrating discussions, half-pie notes and grumpy moods.

Now a little older and wiser, my husband and I are more efficient with our time. We’ve broken everything down into its simplest form with the focus being on reaching the destination with a smile.

I’ve definitely found that ideas and the creative spark can be lost through overthinking and by making lists of arbitrary tasks before addressing what really matters.

As a couple we now exercise a more relaxed and focused approach when striving to achieve our personal and collective dreams. Motivation is maintained through: regular conversation, sharing of thoughts (big or small); keeping each other accountable and prioritising weekly coffee dates.

Thankfully our partnership means we have the benefit of two individual minds that share similarities but also express unique ideas and opinions. The added bonus is that our strengths help to balance out our individual weaknesses so we have all our bases covered.

Loving and learning is our new fuel, it has made planning times, whether it be: next week’s dinner; a family holiday; or running Aotearoa a smooth and even likable experience.

It’s something I can say I look forward to if not for anything else but for the thoughts and ideas that might surface. The progression of our ideas on a daily basis through taking action is inspiring and encouraging.

So from mind to pen -> to post it note -> to a titled A2 sheet of paper -> tack it to the bedroom wall or wherever you can see it and be reminded of your why, how and when to take ACTION!

Post it. 😊